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We all want to find the perfect gift for the ones we love. We want to give something that is functional, beautiful, and used every day. But what about something that is purely fun? Our most prized possessions are often tied to fond memories. Share in the enjoyment of a timeless American tradition with the heirloom-quality Stickbat.
Boy playing with Stickbat
Chances are if you played stickball growing up, you used an improvised bat: a broom handle, a broken hockey stick, or a similar item reclaimed from the trash. You might be lucky if these bats lasted through the game, let alone a whole summer. Designer Travis James reimagines the traditionally expendable stickball bat as a handsome plaything meant to be loved for generations.
Stickbats in varies finishes
Each Stickbat is crafted from carefully selected premium hardwood, lathe turned, and wrapped with soft deer tan leather. The bats are available in your preference of either Oiled Walnut, Blackened Walnut, Whitewashed Maple or Oxidized Maple with the choice of a black or a white leather grip. The set also include two cork balls, one white and one black, designed to be easy on the bat (and any nearby windows). Manufactured by MAY Furniture Co. in Brooklyn, NY.

Go make memories!

Oxidized Maple Stickbat with two cork balls

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