News  »  Father’s Day: Gift Ideas for the Discerning Dad

The fathers we know appreciate quality, craftsmanship, and a sense of purpose.
Fortunately for you, these attributes make for great design—and that’s what we’re all about.

Nickel Bin
JZD:MERCANTILE combines traditional, industrial materials with luxurious design. The results are modern and timeless. Assembled by hand in NY from vegetable-tanned leather and nickel-plated wire frames, the Nickel Bin proves storage can be stylish.
Brazo Lamp
Pablo‘s lamps are all about precision. The Brazo features a luminous, energy efficient LED light source which can be dialed into any desired intensity and brightness the task calls for. Sturdy and clean-lined, with full 360-degree adjustability, Brazo gets it done elegantly.
Symbol Coat Rack
Designed by David E. Scott back in 2005, the Symbol Coat Rack has been our best seller ever since. The coat rack attaches to the wall with a cleat system, allowing it easily bear up to 75lbs. The strong aluminum hooks flip down only as needed. Functional, durable and sleek, the Symbol puts those flimsy peg racks to shame.
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