Leather Link iPad Stand

Product Description

19th-century innovation meets 21st-century technology in the Leather Link iPad Stand. When lying flat, it’s a functional, durable multipurpose surface, but its links can be articulated into subtle positions to hold an iPad in place vertically or horizontally. While the flexible Link easily changes position (in fact, finding new shapes to make with it might be the best part), it won’t collapse — it’s strong enough to hold a heavy recipe book in place. Made in the USA from domestic, vegetable-tanned bridle leather.

The Leather Link can also be used as a trivet but we recommend not using the same one for your tablet and your pots, in case you get it greasy!

Additional Information

Dimensions: 9 x 8 x 0.5 in

Designer: Jim Zivic & Tiffany Wheat

Manufacturer: JZD:MERCANTILE


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